Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Virginian-Pilot is a-changing

I had a morning and evening route, folding this paper in thirds and binding it with a rubber band. I delivered them before and after school. When my brother got his first van, I used to ride on the back and toss the papers from the top to customer's door steps, like a daring trashman. The evening paper, the Ledger-Star, is de-funct. But, the morning paper has greatly changed with a new publisher and a new look - with more ads plastered on it, including the near-sacred cover, in vivid color, nonetheless. Therefore, front page news is no longer as great as it was. Not when a car dealer or realtor can buy a place on the same page, forcing the publisher to sometimes relegate important news to another less prominent spot, thus weakening the priority of news and its placement hierarchy, further creating less of a paper and more of a daily advertisement. Thinking money, money, money will only destroy the paper's long standing reputation in my hometown. 

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